Emma-Walton-Hamilton_Photo_0To follow up on my interview with Emma Walton Hamilton, I decided I wanted to spotlight some of the things Emma offers for writers, but I wanted to do it in a different way than usual. I have posted before about how Emma has helped me in so many ways. I want you to have a chance to hear from other people.

Today, Vivian Kirkfield and Diane Tulloch have shared their thoughts about Emma’s online/home study course in writing picture books, Just Write for Kids. Thank you both for your accolades for Emma!

First, from Vivian. You may remember that I reviewed Vivian’s wonderful resource book Show Me How last fall.

Honing one’s craft with the view to submitting your picture book manuscript and having it published consists of several important elements.  Read as many picture books as you can. Interact with young children. Attend writer’s conferences. Participate in one or more critique groups. Make writing a top priority and set aside time every day to do it. Those are all very important…but one of the most important and helpful would be to take a picture book writing course taught by a successful professional. As part of Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Prize Extravaganza last year, I was fortunate to win Emma Walton Hamilton’s Just Write 4 Kids, an online picture book writing course that covers the basics, allows you to proceed at your own pace and provides one-on-one feedback with New York Times best-selling author Emma Walton Hamilton. Using five classic picture books, students learn to analyze theme, character, plot, conflict, setting…all the important components that make up a winning picture book story. With writing prompts, you have an opportunity to create your own story…step by step. And Emma offers helpful query templates and several bonuses that give crucial information on editing, manuscript submission and writer’s resources.

Vivian Kirkfield, BA, MS
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And now let’s hear from Diane. I interviewed Diane over a year ago, and you can find that interview here.

When Beth asked me if I would like to choose an area of Emma’s expertise that I found influenced me  most in my journey as a writer, one could be forgiven in hesitating, trying to decide, as Emma excels in her various talents of, writing services, and teachings she offers.  I have to admit for me, though, it was my first contact with Emma, and her online Children’s Book Writing Course – Just Write for Kids, that always comes to mind.  As someone starting from scratch, and nervous, with a job that would at times take up to 12 hours a day of my time, I knew I needed direction in an environment convenient for me.  Although I know I lean more towards Middle Grade and YA Novel writing, Emma’s Picture Book Writing Course gave me the bones, basic guidelines, and structure, that one could use in any genre of writing, and I could complete this course in my own time in the privacy of my own home.

Right from the onset Emma reminds us that Picture Book writing is not easy.   From developing ideas, to working on themes, to character developing where one learns the essence of your character.  Emma gives us much to think about, such as style of your story, and what you want your reader to learn or gain from reading your story.  We discuss the plot mapping and sequence, the arc of beginning, middle and end – an area I enjoyed.  From the use of dialogue to action and the inevitable editing, that can only better and polish your work.  This course comes complete with check lists, and other bonuses.  Although it is an eight week course, you are encouraged to take as much time as you need to complete each assignment.

I must admit those first steps in getting my feet wet as a writer were daunting, but what impressed me most was Emma’s patient, encouraging comments,  and her vast knowledge in answering our questions.   Her genuine interest and guidance has given me the confidence to believe in what I had to offer as a writer.

Diane Tulloch

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To learn more about JUST WRITE FOR KIDS, go to the website: http://www.justwriteforkids.com

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