Title: Amelia Makes a Movie

Author/Illustrator: David Milgrim

Publisher: New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2008.

Genre: Picture book, fiction


Audience Age: 4-8

Theme: creativity, film-making

Opening Sentences: Mom is on a cleaning spree. Dad is busy as a bee. What’s to do? Hey, wait, I know! Let’s make ourselves a video!

Synopsis: Amelia makes a movie. She is screenwriter, director, star – although she does involve her little brother, her pets, and other creatures (such as a couple of snails) in the production. The book, in light verse and simple, colorful illustrations, goes through the entire movie-making process. A few problems crop up (as is the case with any movie venture, I’m sure) but Amelia finds a creative way to surmount each obstacle. A glossary at the back of the book explains the film terms used throughout. A great, fun introduction to movie making.

Activities/Resources: Science Kids (in New Zealand) has a free lesson plan for movie-making.

Coolspotters has a list of links to help kids get started making their own movies.

Proteacher gives ideas for creating movie-themed classroom décor.

Availability: Readily available in hardcover.

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