My goalDidn’t I just do an accountability post? Has it been a month already?

Last month I said my post would be brief — this month should be even briefer. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

My concentration remains on things other than picture books, so once again I didn’t do a draft for 12×12. When I do get time to train some of my focus on picture books, I think I’d be better served in revising some of last year’s drafts, rather than simply adding another first draft to the pile.

I have been writing, however. In last month’s accountability post, I mentioned that I had started a middle grade mystery. I completed the first draft of that, did a great deal of brainstorming with my wonderful first-reader, and did a second draft. Now it is sitting on the back burner, while other projects come to the fore.

This weekend, after far too long a hiatus, my friend and first-reader Jan and I got back to our collaborative novel. It feels good to be working on that, as a break from the other writing! (Yes, I take breaks from writing by writing something else.)

The middle grade mystery distracted me from the plot structure class, I admit. I have realized as I work through the class that my adult novel needs some major overhauling, and I now have a handle on what it needs, thanks to the tools and thought-processes I have learned.

So, I’ll be going back to work on the adult novel forthwith. I’m looking forward to seeing what transpires as I work out the new ideas.

In blogging, you’ll have noticed the visual changes I’ve made. I’m also making a few changes to the weekly line-up. I’ve decided to stick to a twice-weekly schedule, with posts on Mondays and Fridays.

The Wednesday “This Day in the Arts” posts, while fun, were taking up hours of time searching for just the right bit of history — or some weeks, for ANY bit of history — that I could blog about. I have decided that this is just not the best use of my time, so I am letting that series go. It was worth a try!

Mondays will continue to be general posts, with perhaps a little more focus on the arts as I seek to reach out to my “niche.” With the focus on the arts (and particularly theatre) in mind, I have renamed my Monday posts Ad-Lib Mondays.

On Fridays, I will be going back to Perfect Picture Book posts, but I’ve decided to just do occasional PPBs, so that I can also blog about other books I’m reading. Since I’m not solely writing picture books, I’m not solely reading picture books either. This change will reflect better my range of reading, and will allow me to share some exciting books with you without having to do extra posts. Fridays have therefore received a name-change as well, also an arts/theatre related term, and are now Read-Through Fridays.

Is there any topic you’d like me to look into on Ad-Lib Mondays?

What do you have planned for May?

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