Creativity? Creativi-TREE!

December 7, 2015

Doodles, CreativityOne evening last week, I posted a bit of a teaser on my personal Facebook timeline. I said

In case you’ve ever wondered, one roll of silver foil wrapping paper from Dollarama will wrap ten empty tissue boxes. (Well, it would wrap them even if they were full, but that would be counter to my needs.)

Unfortunately, I need twelve wrapped tissue boxes, and the little bit of paper that’s left is not enough, so I shall have to open the second roll. Good thing I bought two!

Yes, you will eventually know why I felt it necessary to wrap twelve empty tissue boxes.

Some of the guesses that appeared in the comments inspired this blog post. One very creative friend, Pamela, first suggested that it was something to do with the 12 days of Christmas. Then she suggested there was a gift box for each monthly story (as in 12×12, Julie Hedlund’s picture book writing challenge).

Mona was closest with her suggestion of a squared off Christmas tree, star or snowman. Indeed, it was this year’s Creativi-tree. I often like to make some sort of unusual tree as well or instead of my regular tree.

This year I wanted a Star Tree. I thought about various ways to achieve that, and finally hit on displaying some of my star ornaments on a shiny tree made of (you guessed it!) wrapped tissue boxes.

Star Tree 2015

Pamela’s suggestions made me think of other things to do with this basic idea. (Thanks, Pamela!)

Indeed, one could do something for the 12 days of Christmas. Since tissue boxes are designed to have things pulled out of them, how about writing a suggestion for a family activity on fancy paper (well, twelve of them) and putting one suggestion in each box — then open one box each day after Christmas for twelve days, to extend the festivities.

For those participating in 12×12, each box could be decorated with the title of one of the twelve manuscripts that one has written. Be creative and colorful in embellishing the boxes!

Or, since there are twelve months in the coming year, there could be a special wish for each month placed in the boxes, then one could be opened on the first of every month in the new year.

Eight boxes could be used, stood on end, as an additional Hanukkah menorah for kids. Perhaps the children in the family could “light” each candle by doing, then illustrating, a special good deed each day.

With seven boxes, three wrapped in red paper, three in green, and one in black, you have “candles” for a child’s Kwanzaa Kinara. These can be “lit” with the story of an act/good deed or an illustration for each of the seven principles.

I’m sure there are many more ways to use this basic idea throughout the year — as many as there are holidays and celebrations! Gold boxes for Solstice… Multi-colors (or spatter-painting) for Holi… Be creative! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Beth in script for blog

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    1. Thanks so much, Genevieve! It was such fun to put it together. As for the extra ideas, it helps to have creative friends to get the wheels moving!

  1. Your original silver Christmas box tree has certainly inspired many more ideas. I love them all. Very creative Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, and New Year ideas. Happy Holidays!

  2. Challenge for creative uses for tissue boxes equal photos for upcoming contest. Bwaahahahahaha

    Love your ideas for Kwanzaa. Love it. But I love, love, love the Wish Boxes idea.

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