Three years ago, both my parents suddenly had to go into nursing homes (separate nursing homes). I had a lot to cope with all at once, including the struggles with depression and anxiety that had dogged me for much of my life, and my persistent feelings of inability to cope. I soon learned that I could cope with things much better than I’d ever imagined possible, but I also knew there was room for improvement.

Part of my way of coping with all this was first to take a year’s leave of absence from my job, and then, when that year was nearly up, I decided it was time to resign from that job, after twenty-three years in that workplace. Doing so gave me the invaluable gift of being able to truly be with my parents in the final two years of their lives. It also gave me the opportunity to begin to reinvent myself — or to discover the “self” that had been there all along, trying to find a way out of the cocoon.

I read self-help book after self-help book in the first stages of trying to break out of the cocoon. One of the key books that helped me to find my wings was Dr. Susan Biali’s Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You. Susan is the “Wednesday Worthy” I want to introduce you to today.

One of the reasons that Susan’s book spoke to me was that unlike some other writers of self-help books, she wasn’t writing just from a textbook understanding of people’s struggles. She wasn’t swooping in with “wisdom from on high.” Susan has had her own struggles, and she shares those freely throughout her book. She has come through those struggles, however, and has found ways to enhance her life, and the lives of others, and so her writing rings true, and provides not only wisdom but a sense of walking alongside her reader, which is extremely heartening.

Susan’s style in her book is approachable, warm, and understandable. I can just imagine what it would be like to experience her life-coaching first hand. Her way of making suggestions, even ones that I had heard before in other places, read in other books, makes the things she suggests seem doable. She pairs her book with a workbook (available online when one buys a copy of the book) and this helps in the processing and internalizing of her words. This is key, because it becomes not a book to read, but a book to do, and it is in doing that one truly learns.

Susan also writes for various magazines and newspapers, is featured on television, does life-coaching, speaking, and workshops. If you “like” her Facebook page, you’ll get little infusions of her warm, vivacious and enthusiastic take on life that will be sure to buoy you up as you go through your day. You can find her on the web, on Facebook, on Twitter, even on YouTube — and I encourage you to do so.

Here’s to living a life you love, and being a “healthier, happier, more passionate you!”

Thank you, Susan!


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