Joanna Marple inspired me earlier this morning with her wonderful blogpost featuring suggestions of how individuals and families can commemorate Earth Day. I urge you to check out her post “Earth Day: Let’s Celebrate our Wonderful World!” (I do hope you’ll come back here after you’ve read her post, though!)

I will be blogging in more detail about “looking” next month as we explore “Other Ways of Seeing,” but for now I want to give you just one thought for Earth Day…

Whether you live in the country or the city, near a forest or beach or on the landlocked prairie, there is something of the beauty of our earth that you can have access to.

My mother loved to encourage people to look, to really look at things. She often said “Here in Saskatchewan, the beauty doesn’t hit you in the face the way it does in the mountains or at the coast. Here, you have to look for the beauty.”

That’s what I want to suggest to you today, to look, to really look all around you. To see the beauty in the small things as well as the large and magnificent. Go for what I’ve dubbed a “Look and Listen Walk” and truly pay attention to everything. Look and really see. Listen and really hear.

Then come back and tell me about it. Will you?

Photo of Prairie Anemone (colloquially called Prairie Crocus) taken by my father, Raymond W. Stilborn, when he was in his late 80s or early 90s.


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