Another good month in 12 x 12 Land! This is certainly keeping me on my toes. I decided at the beginning of the year that I really need to treat my writing as a job, and work at it steadily, even though “going to work” means simply going to my home office. 12 x 12 is helping me do this.

12 x 12 has also provided me with the opportunity to join a fabulous online critique group made up of other 12 x 12ers. This is my first experience with a critique group, and I couldn’t be with a better group of women. Thanks to all five of you!

To read about my writing progress in 12 x 12 and for details of the giveaway, read more…

This month, I exceeded my goal of one rough draft per month.

I have one draft, based on an idea from PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Ideas Month back in November) that’s been through a couple of revisions, and will get more polishing before it gets its turn with the critique group. For wordy Beth, it was quite a surprise when even the first rough draft came in at just 343 words. It’s a total departure from any picture book manuscript I’ve written before, and it is definitely fun to write.

I’ve also written another draft based on a PiBoIdMo idea. I’m not sure if it’s a picture book, or a short story. It has the potential to be a picture book, albeit a wordy one. It’s intended as my entry into a writing competition for children’s stories no longer than 1500 words. So I’m not trying to cut the wordcount down as much as I normally would. It, too, will receive a great deal of revising, editing, and polishing in March.

It feels good at the end of the month to look back and see definite progress!

And now, to celebrate the end of February, a GIVEAWAY!

I have an extra copy of the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents and an extra copy of The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters. They came with a package-deal I ordered. I already had purchased my copies. SO it seems logical that I share these books with my fellow writers.

If you would like your name entered into the draw for these books, simply say so in the comments on today’s or tomorrow’s posts. Indicate in your comment whether you’d like to have a chance at Agents, Query Letters, or both books. Comments will close at 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time Thursday, March 1.  On Thursday morning, will help me choose a winner for Agents and a winner for Queries.

Note: Each time you comment (for example, if you comment on each of the three posts) your name will be entered into the draw. Winners can be from anywhere (preferably on this planet).

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