This is a special post for a special boy. Just-about-six year old Renn, whom you’ve met on my blog before, is back in hospital having more tests so that the doctor and all the amazing team who are working hard to help him can find a way to deal with his seizures.

A whole galaxy full of friends-of-Renn are combining our forces to bring him some joy while he’s in hospital. You can find links to the rest of the posts at the blog of the out-of-this-world creative Susanna Leonard Hill.

I would need a lightsaber of my own to compete with the incredible Star Wars posts that others have come up with, so I’m doing something a little different. I hope you like it anyway, Renn!

There are a lot of awesome people in this world.

Some of them fly jets in swooshing patterns across the sky:


Some of them float down through the air with parachutes:



Some even do amazing loop-the-loops in small aerobatic planes:


But NONE of them is as absolutely amazing as JEDI RENN!

May the Force be with you, Renn!

Silly Kids and Renn's VEEG 025


To read more about Renn, you can go to his Mom’s blog The Brain of a Jedi. To show your support for everyone who deals with epilepsy, join us who will be wearing purple on Purple Day, March 26.


(Airplane photography by my Dad, Raymond Stilborn. Jedi photography by Renn’s Mom, Bethany.)



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