time 4 new possibilitiesThe new season of blog posts will officially begin next Monday, with a post celebrating International Dot Day and Peter H. Reynolds. I’m looking forward to that post, and to the new season. There are a few changes afoot!

One change is that I’ll just be posting on Mondays here on By Word of Beth — more about that further on in this post.

In those Monday posts, I will still be bringing you many of the features that have become familiar here on By Word of Beth. I will continue to let you know about great books I’m reading, to host occasional interviews, and I hope, to provide content that you will find both interesting and useful.

I’m looking forward to exploring a topic that has intrigued me for years,  that I touched on a few years ago with a post about reading aloud to the elderly. To this day, my statistics show that at least one person and usually more look at that post every day. I want to go into the topic in more depth, and so will be doing a blog series on the last Monday of the month.

Although I haven’t been blogging over the summer, I have been busy. If you look around, you’ll notice that I’ve streamlined this website a bit. I hope this will make things easier to find, without the annoyance of drop-down menus. (Click any of the tabs except Services to see what I mean.)

I’ve also made some adjustments to subscription feeds, so I hope subscriber’s email notifications of posts will arrive in your inbox in a more timely manner.

The biggest news is that Flubs2Fixes, my editing service, is moving to its own website! I’ll be blogging there, as well, with posts on Fridays. Watch for the website’s official launch next Friday, September 11th. There will be a post here on By Word of Beth to guide you over there, if you’re interested, and to alert you to some of the accompanying changes.

My arts-for-kids site, The Starborn Revue, is expanding to include more about middle grade novels, and so I will be doing a mix of arts-related posts and middle grade book recommendations over there, beginning next Wednesday, September 9th. There’ll be a post here that day to guide you there, if you’re interested.

I hope to see you back here on Monday, September 7th.

Now — what’s new in your life? How was your summer? Let me know in the comments!

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