Owl photographed by Raymond W. Stilborn.

Owl photographed by Raymond W. Stilborn.

I have had  a once-monthly feature on my blog called A Word With Beth in which the Grammar Owl and I have either answered a reader’s grammar or word-use question, or discussed some common difficulty in English language and grammar.

For your convenience, I have compiled these posts here. As with most blogs, the content is listed with the most recent post first. (Note: clicking the “read more” link will pop you into that post on my full blog.)

Now that there is a stand-alone site for my Flubs2Fixes editing services, this blog series has flown over to that blog. Beginning in November, 2015, posts on grammar and word use questions will be found on the third Friday of each month at A Word With Beth on www.flubs2fixes.com

A Word With Beth — About Apostrophes

  The Grammar Owl is looking at his talons again. This time, they're making him think about apostrophes (and the grammatical catastrophes they sometimes cause.) Apostrophes should be easy. They should be… Let's look at the apostrophe's main uses, shall we?     They're...

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