It’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. As in the United States, many families have a tradition of taking a moment before the Thanksgiving meal to go around the table, each sharing something for which they are grateful.

I’d like to invite you all to join me around my virtual Thanksgiving table, as I share some of what I’m grateful for as I look back on the past year. Then, if you would, please share something you’re grateful for in the comments.

~~ First, foremost, and always — my friends — both cyber and face-to-face — and my family. I cherish the relationships I have, the people whom I can meet for lunch and a visit as well as the ones that I can exchange email after email with, and all those in between.

~~ I am grateful to be able to dream big dreams, to watch some of them come true, and to know that there is potential for others of those dreams to come true as well. I am grateful for the friends who help me hold on to those dreams, who don’t scoff and suggest that I be more realistic.

~~ I’m grateful for the Children’s Book Hub community, the Children’s Book Hub Facebook Group, the 12×12 in 2012 community, and the Perfect Picture Book Fridays bloggers — it is so good to be a part of these close-knit, supportive “families.”

~~ I’m grateful for people who have been part of my life since I was born, who no longer walk this earth with us, but who will always be a part of me — people like my Aunt Myra, and people like Viv from the farm next to ours, whose life we will celebrate on Wednesday, back in my home town.

~~ Being a part of the Stony Brook Southampton Children’s Literature Conference was something I could hardly have dreamed of a couple of years ago. I am so glad to have had that experience, and especially to have been a part of such a vibrantly creative group of people for a time.

~~ I am so deeply grateful for the wonderful friends who were able to come to my aid at short notice when I fell. I was told I shouldn’t be alone for the first 48 hours, and my dear friends rearranged their lives, work schedules, plans, to stay overnight with me, to take shifts of staying with me during the day, to buy groceries for me, to take me for groceries — to them all I owe a debt I can never fully repay.

~~ I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given, and for all that lies ahead. As Dag Hammarskjold put it, “For all that has been, thanks — for all that shall be, YES!” (from Markings)

What are you grateful for?

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