Halloweensie Finalists Have Been Announced at Susanna’s!

November 13, 2017

How Susanna Hill and her team of helpers did it is beyond me. There were 244 (count them, 244!) entries in Susanna’s Halloweensie writing contest. They have managed to narrow that down to 14 finalists, and now, we get to VOTE on our favorite! (Which is going to be hard enough — they’re fantastic!)

I want to say a hearty THANK YOU to Susanna for running such fantastic contests and for doing all the work necessary to organize them and sift through the entries to choose the finalists. Susanna, you’re a hero in my books!

Now, hurry on over to Susanna’s blog to read the amazing stories that are there for your pleasure, and vote for your favorite!

H is for Halloweensie, and for How does Susanna do it? It’s also for Hey, why are you still Here? Hurry over to Susanna Hill’s and vote for the Halloweensie of the year!


(Come back next week for some true Inspiration. The letter I awaits.)