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May 4, 2014

Dark theatreNow that I’ve revived my “In the Spotlight” blog feature, I’m looking forward to highlighting a wide variety of groups, people, blogs, books, courses. The First Monday (and occasional First Friday) Spotlights will not be limited in any way.

This brings me to the focus of today’s Spotlight — a website that I discovered serendipitously and that I just have to share with you!

When I invited people to join my Star Team (an invitation that is always open) I said that on the posts I did about the Star Team members, I would include two or three ready-made tweets for people to use. I had seen such ready-made tweets on some of Julie Hedlund‘s blog posts, and thought they were great.

After saying I would do that, I realized I’d have to learn how. So I did an internet search for “ready made tweets” and found easy-to-follow instructions at a website called Blogging Bistro.

Blogging Bistro bills itself as “A Full Menu of Social Media Services,” and as I looked around the site, I discovered that is exactly what it is. It is chock full of blogging and social media “how to” articles (including how to create a ready-made tweet). The posts are written in easily accessible language and there is a free monthly blogzine that you can sign up for.

They also have an extensive portfolio of services, such as social media consulting, speaking, workshops and books.

I’ve already found it a valuable resource. I hope you will, too!

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  1. Nice resource, Beth. Thank you. It also brought my attention to your “Start Team” post, which I had missed. When the time comes for me to attend a conference, I will be happy to take your cards. I can Tweet for sure. And when I get a little extra time, I will add your info on my blog.

  2. Great post and website. One of the things I found that if you tweet someone’s post, they return the favor at some point. It’s amazing how quickly your tweet reaches a lot of people. Glad you share this with others.

    Sorry, I haven’t been around much. Just returned from vacation.

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