Dark theatreMy friend Teresa Robeson is multi-talented. She’s a homeschooler, a homesteader, and a writer in several genres. And you should see her sketches of birds!

I got to know her because of her interest in writing for kids, and particularly writing picture books, but the books we’re focusing the spotlight on today are collections of speculative fiction stories for older readers.

Not only are these books well worth reading (I’ll give you the links in a minute) but the proceeds from their sales go to a very worthy cause.

The books are e-anthologies, available through amazon. They include stories written by Teresa and the others of her speculative fiction group, The Minnows Literary Group. Although some of the stories are, as the amazon description says, “inspired by a love of the fairy tale,” they are not fairy tales for young kids. Rather, they are intended for the young adult to adult age bracket (perhaps upper middle grade but no younger).

The two books currently available are In a Land Far Away, the one I mentioned that is inspired by the writers’ love of original fairy tales, and Out of Time: Five Tales of Time Travel. The authors who contributed to In a Land Far Away are Janet Guy, Kelly Horn, Russell James, Teresa Robeson, Paul Siluch, and Belinda Whitney. The authors of Out of Time are Janet Guy, Teresa Robeson, Paul Siluch, Russell James, and Kelly Horn.

In In a Land Far Away, some of the stories are humorous while others are dark. Some are new twists on familiar tales. I haven’t read them all yet – but I will! I particularly enjoyed one of Teresa’s contributions, “Three Long Pigs,” an anthropological take on the familiar fairy tale that had me giggling loudly. Even if you’ve only taken Anthro 100, as I have (and even if that class was nearly forty years ago!) you’ll still catch many of the references.

The stories in Out of Time are longer, darker, more complex, and thoroughly fascinating. I have some great reading ahead of me!

I am particularly impressed that the money earned from sales of these books is not going to the authors – instead, all proceeds are being donated to Doctors Without Borders/Médicins San Frontières, the medical aid organization that provides necessary emergency medical assistance to people all over the world.  Kudos to these authors, who saw a need, and are truly giving of themselves and their creativity.

You can read more about this project at Teresa’s blog (and while you’re there, you can learn more about Teresa’s many creative outlets). Be sure that you also click the link in the list of authors, which will take you to her website. I hope you’ll also check out the Minnows’ site, as well as the sites of the other authors, all linked above.

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Authors give to Doctors Without Borders thru sales of e-books. See blogpost by @BethStilborn about @TeresaRobeson Tweet


All the best to you and your writing group, Teresa!

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