SARK is a writer, encourager, life-coach, creative mentor, quirky delightful thought-provoker, and so much more to the many people who have read her books, participated in her online courses, or done one of the other myriad of things that are available through her website, Planet SARK.

I first encountered her when I was dealing with the grief of the impending deaths of my parents, and in searching the shelves of the local bookstore for the sustenance of words, I found her book Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity. That book changed so much about my outlook and perspective on the entire grieving process. I am grateful that the book was there when I needed it.

This year, I look forward to incorporating another of her books into the continuing process of becoming who I am meant to be, and doing what I am meant to do. Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A plan for procrastinators, perfectionists, busy people, and people would would really rather sleep all day.

Don’t you just love that subtitle? I certainly find myself in that list. In Make Your Creative Dreams Real, SARK seeks to empower the reader to do just that. There is a focus for every month of the year, and tasks for each week of each month. It doesn’t have to be followed rigidly, one can use the book as creatively as one wishes. I’m going to try the linear approach, going through each month’s exercises, but with the awareness that around SARK, the linear approach doesn’t often take a straight line, and can easily lead to swirls and squiggles and stars and explosions of firework-like color.

How do you plan to enhance the process of making your creative dreams real this year? Please share in the comments.


© Beth Stilborn, 2012.

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