Every year on September 15th-ish, there is a wonderful celebration of creativity known as International Dot Day, based on the equally wonderful picture book by Peter H. Reynolds, The Dot. This year, over 500,000 — yes, over HALF A MILLION — people, mainly children in classrooms, are participating in Dot Day. Some are Skyping with each other to Connect The Dots. Many well-known authors and illustrators have contributed Dots to the Celebri-dots website — do browse around the site and see the fabulous Dots they have made.

FableVision and International Dot Day “Ambassador” Terry Shay, along with Pat Tilton of the truly excellent blog, Children’s Books Heal, have challenged people in the blog world, writers, illustrators, book reviewers, anyone involved in the kidlit blogosphere, to participate in International Dot Day by creating a Dot and posting it on our blogs. We’re not to be intimidated, thinking we’re not artists — this is a way for all people to release their inhibitions and get creative, drawing, painting, creating a Dot of some sort.

Click the magic words to see my CREATIVITY DOT!


by Beth Stilborn

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