Multicolored Letters And Fireworks For Celebrating A Happy BirthdayOnce a year, we get a chance to celebrate all that Erik, the fantastic KID WHO REVIEWS BOOKS, does in the kidlit community and for the greater community of readers everywhere.

I first got to know Erik (as did many of us) when he was MUCH younger — just NINE years old — participating in Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo (click this link for a post-PiBoIdMo post Erik wrote in 2011 at age nine!), and showing that despite his youth, he definitely had an important place in the kidlit community.

Since then, he has reviewed countless books, making his blog a great go-to source for book recommendations, AND he has written his own book (see my post here). (Alas, the giveaway has long since been over.)

Over the years, we have developed a tradition of celebrating Erik’s birthday, and so today, as he stands poised on the eve of his FOURTEENTH birthday (can you believe it?) I invite you all to join me in wishing him well.

In fact, that’s what I want you to give him this year in the comments on this post — your special wish for his coming year.

Opening a special present box

Erik — I wish you an amazing year of inspiration and books galore!

I’m so grateful you’re my friend!

Inspiration word cloud with abstract background

Tower of Books

Now, everyone have some cake,

and let’s raise the roof

with our celebration and our wishes for Erik!

vector row of birthday candles on cake and streamers

letter E shaped chocolate birthday cake with lit candle

Holiday backgrund with balloons

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