A wonderful way to encourage children’s enjoyment of reading and being read to is to share poetry with them from an early age. My mother and I loved to recite poetry to and with each other, and we shared poetry together until her last days. In the last couple of years of her life, one of the books we turned to most often was this anthology, which has something for everyone.


Title: Julie Andrews’ Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies

Compiled by: Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton
(Yes, that’s Julie & Emma on the cover)

Illustrator: James McMullan

Publisher: New York: Little, Brown & Co., 2009

Genre: Poetry anthology

Audience Age: Birth to death

Theme: (Based on the sections in the book) Nature, Optimism, Growing Up, Bedtime, Animals, The Sea, Laughing, Leisure, The Wonderful World

Synopsis: A collection of poems to be read silently or aloud, alone or with others.

Activities/Resources: Teacher Guide from the Julie Andrews Collection website.

Note: The book includes a CD of some of the poems, read by Julie and Emma. When I donated a copy of this book to the children’s unit in a local rehab hospital, the administrator told me that books with CDs are particularly appreciated there, as children can listen to the CD while looking at the pictures, and thus be distracted from their sometimes painful or tedious treatments. This was a bonus I hadn’t foreseen, and for which I was grateful.

Availability: Hardcover with CD of some of the poems, read by Julie and Emma, readily available.

Audiobook of most of the poems, read by Julie and Emma, available through iTunes.


P.S. Don’t forget the giveaway for two copies of Emma’s book, Raising Bookworms! Details are on this post.

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