I’ve been awarded a “Kreativ Blogger Award” by Debbie Johansson, an Australian writer of YA, and all things scary and mysterious. Thanks, Debbie!

The rules are that I am to tell you ten things about myself and then forward the award on to six other bloggers.

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I’ll try to stick to the general theme of my blog, the arts, in the ten things about myself. Hmmm…

1. My mother told me that the first solo I sang for an audience was “Silent Night” to a group of neighbors at someone’s house when I was two. I don’t know if I was asked to sing, or if I simply decided that it would be a great time to sing, since I had a large captive audience. I suspect the latter.

2. Despite such an early start to my singing career, my stage debut wasn’t until I was eight years old. I was a butterfly in an elementary school musical that involved creatures called Geewillikins and Follywogs. The other butterflies and I danced around and sang “You can’t get by with a lie, You can’t get by with a lie, You may try, You may cry, You may pretty nearly die, But you can’t get by with a lie.”

3. My first major artwork was a mural drawn in some primitive form of child’s marker. (What did they have for markers for kids in the late 1950s? I distinctly remember having markers, and they were a very unusual thing to have.) The mural was drawn on a clean sheet that was spread over the guest room bed. This is another “mother told me” story, as it was too early for me to remember it. She was so impressed with the mural, she said, that she kept it until it faded beyond visibility. I could have been famous, had those markers not faded! (Um, or not… … …)

4. Although as a child I stated that I wanted to be a ballerina and a cowgirl when I grew up, the only dancing lessons I’ve ever taken were lessons in Scottish Country Dancing when I was a grad student. I loved it!

5. I used to sew teddy bears (in my late teens and early twenties). My favorite kind to make were tiny bears with arms, legs and heads jointed with snap fasteners. The first one I made turned out to be just four inches high. I named him Small, and kept him (unfortunately, he was stolen many years ago). With the second one, I knew more what I was doing, and so he turned out to be the pattern’s intended size of six inches. I named him Not So (as in Not So Small) and gave him to a friend. I made others for various other friends, including one with a clergy-bear’s collar and little wire glasses named The Reverend Bartholomew Bear which I gave a friend on the occasion of her ordination to the ministry.

6. When I was in fourth grade, I liked to direct my friends in re-enactments of episodes from the “Annette” segment on the Mickey Mouse Club television show. Of course, I was the star as well as the director. πŸ˜‰

7. I have sung in fifteen or sixteen different choirs (at least), including a group of sixteen “hand-picked” female singers who sang the rather odd vocal part in the “Neptune: the Mystic” section of Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in 1984.

8. I started piano lessons when I was seven and a half years old… and played in my first piano recital twenty years later. I had stopped taking lessons when we moved to the city when I was sixteen, and just went back to lessons after moving to Winnipeg in my twenties. My first (and only) piano recital was a city-wide one, for which teachers selected their “most promising” students. (I was likely the oldest and most advanced of my teacher’s students, though likely not the most promising, in reality.) The best I can say is, I survived.

9. Recent theatrical endeavors have only extended to dressing in costume for our city’s annual “The Symphony Goes to the Oscars” (I dressed as The Shady Dame from Seville from Victor/Victoria one year. That was great fun.) I’ve also dressed as Maria twirling on the mountaintop at one Sing-along Sound of Music while at another Sing-along Sound of Music, I dressed as Maria in nightgown (my friend was The Drapes) to portray the scene after My Favorite Things. (Thanks to The Drapes, we won a prize! She was literally the hit of the evening. It was like being with a celebrity.)

10. I’d love to be more active in theatre. Does anyone have a day extender? I need more hours in the day.


There. That’s my ten things. Now to pass the Kreativ Blogger Award on to six other bloggers. I will choose from bloggers I’ve recently “met.”

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Donna, Erik, Kirsten, Julie, Stacy and Kelly — Kreativ Bloggers, all!



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