You knew this had to be my Perfect Picture Book this week, right?


Title: Llama Llama Red Pajama

Author/Illustrator: Anna Dewdney

Publisher: New York: Viking, 2005


Genre: Picture book, rhyming, fiction

Audience Age: 2 and up

Theme: Bedtime, fears, parental love.

Opening Sentences: Llama llama red pajama reads a story with his mama.

Synopsis: Mama tucks Baby Llama in, and goes downstairs. Baby Llama wants Mama to come back, and has to wait what seems a very long time. He tries all sorts of things, and finally wails at the top of his lungs, which brings Mama on the run with reassurance that although she’s not always here, she’s always near.

Activities/Resources: Teacher Vision has an activity kit for all the Llama Llama books (may have a fee)

There are many Llama Llama activities on the Llama Llama webpage.

Merry Bee has pre-reading and post-reading activities.

Teaching Books has a links list including an author interview and more.

Meet Me at the Corner has a video that introduces kids to llamas.

Cybersleuth Kids has links to many resources for learning about llamas.

There is a Red Pajama Llama doll which is absolutely adorable (if a little expensive).

And of course, a family or class could act out Llama Llama Red Pajama!

Availability: Readily available in hardcover.

Every Friday, bloggers join together to share picture book reviews and resources, thanks to author Susanna Leonard Hill’s brainchild, “Perfect Picture Book Fridays.” Susanna then adds the books (and links to the reviews) to a comprehensive listing by subject on her blog. Find the entire listing at her “Perfect Picture Books.”

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