My goalAnd another month has whizzed by. Someone has revved up the clock, I’m quite sure. Some things got accomplished, others didn’t, other new things leapt in and got the creative juices flowing. (No, I’m not going to leave it at that — the details are forthcoming.)

Something I’d like your opinion on, as I continue to tweak this blog (and ready myself for the launch of my new website which I’ll be running as well as this one) is if you want me to continue these accountability posts. Be honest. I want to make my blog something that benefits you, the reader. So please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see here.

Now, for May:

For the first time since February, I wrote a picture book draft for 12×12. It’s a bit different in terms of storyline than my others, and I like the direction it took. Since I’ve hardly even thought about picture books in the last few months, it felt good to give one a whirl again.

Work on the adult novel continues — right now I’ve stopped to work out some backstory confusion, and to write something that features in the novel, and that needs to be written in far more detail than it had been in earlier drafts, although what I write will mainly be for my own use as I move forward. It’s an interesting process.

The main source of delight this month (besides the joy of writing) has been the Video Idiots Boot Camp course that I highlighted in this post. The video I’m working on for the class is actually for my new website, so you’ll have to wait until that site’s launch to see the video. After that, I may do occasional videos for this blog as well, we shall see!

I’ve been having fun planning the new website, as well. Perhaps it will launch in June — it depends how everything works out. I’ll keep you posted.

In June on this blog, I plan a series of posts which will run on Mondays, talking about various summer theatre options in Canada and the United States. Fridays will continue to highlight books I’m reading, although as you’ve likely noticed, there isn’t always a book that’s ready to be highlighted when Friday rolls around.

What did you achieve in May? What are your plans for June? And what would you like to see more of or less of on this blog?

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