Surprise Word And Fireworks Showing Shock And Celebration

May I have a drum roll, please?

colonial drummer--revolutionary war reenactment

How about a trumpet fanfare?

Medieval Trumpet Circle

What is going on, you ask?

We’re celebrating a very special occasion in our part of the bookreaderwriterblogiverse today — Erik, the wonderful Kid Who Reviews Books is about to have a birthday and Susanna Leonard Hill and I could not let that go by without an appropriately huge and noisy celebration. (Cue the huge happy noises…) We decided to have the party at my place because, well, she is always having fun stuff over at Blueberry Hill, and I wanted a turn. πŸ˜‰

We want to point out, it’s not just ANY birthday, either. On his birthday, Erik will be THIRTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Count those exclamation marks, if you so desire.) Woohooooo! We have a teenager in our midst!

Age in figures in a party moodOf course, a birthday requires CAKE and CANDLES and STREAMERS (admittedly, these streamers are a little close to the candle flames for my absolute comfort, but… … …)

vector row of birthday candles on cake and streamers

Why, yes, there are THIRTEEN candles. (I didn’t even ask for help with the math! I counted them all by myself.) And while we’re counting things, I’d like to point out that it is totally appropriate to have a colonial drummer perform the drumroll — there were, after all, THIRTEEN original colonies. πŸ˜‰ But before you chastise me for the wrong number of herald trumpets, the group includes the traditional “one to grow on.” (Ha! Thought you could catch me out, didn’t you?)

A birthday also generally includes presents, and we have not forgotten that part of the tradition.

Stack of colorful books tied up with red ribbon

Why yes, all those presents are books. Is there any other kind of present to give The Kid Who Reviews Books?

Erik, since you are now a teen (or just about) you will be venturing into the world of YA reading before long. We want to celebrate your coming of book age by giving you some book recommendations. We hope you will enjoy these books as much as we have. (Party revelers, you may leave your book recommendations for Erik in the comments along with your birthday wishes.)

With perfect timing, the wonderful Penny Parker Klostermann shared this video from Bloomsbury Publishing on Facebook yesterday. Do take the time to watch it!!! Give the gift of a book! (That’s what we’re doing here all day!)

My book recommendation gift to you, Erik, is the wonderful Blue Wolf by Catherine Creedon. Click the link for a summary. Although the review I’ve linked to says ages 8 to 12, I think it’s more appropriate for someone a little older. Someone, in fact, who is just turning thirteen! (Don’t worry, revelers, you don’t need to leave links. Title and author is fine.)

Erik, I hope this is the beginning of a splendifabulous year for you. Happy THIRTEEN!!!

Multicolored Letters And Fireworks For Celebrating A Happy Birthday

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