The Quartz I’m thinking of is not the one I learned to identify in geology class, though. I’m thinking of a publication titled Pasticcio Quartz, in which “Quartz” stands for QUality ART Zine. (Pasticcio is defined as “A work or style produced by borrowing fragments, ingredients, or motifs from various sources; a potpourri.” That quotation is from the website linked in the paragraph below.)

Pasticcio Quartz is a twice yearly publication of artists Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn. I’m more familiar with Angela’s art than Sarah’s (four small Cartwright originals hang on the wall of my Writing Room). Angela calls herself an “unruly artist” — she makes her own creative rules. Her art uses shadows, photography, mixed media, paint, found items, and so much more. She creates paintings, dioramas, clothing. To see examples of her art, you can check out the website of the unruly artist.

What does this have to do with writing? Sometimes we get stuck in patterns in our writing. Perhaps everything we write seems the same. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves to be a little unruly, try writing in a different style or genre. Use some “mixed media” — combine different styles in a practice piece. Use “found items” as prompts for renewed creativity. Relax, try something different… and perhaps we’ll find ourselves creating some quality artz — some quartz of our own.


A to Z Challenge

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