Share a Story — Shape a Future

March 4, 2012

Each year for the past few years, a group of dedicated bloggers who care passionately about children’s literacy have banded together for a one-week exploration of ways of getting kids reading, ways of sharing stories and shaping futures. This year, Share a Story – Shape a Future Week is March 5 through 9. You can read more about why these people are involved in this project on the Why Share a Story page on the project’s blog.

I, too, care deeply about getting kids reading, and keeping them reading. So, in extra (brief) posts all week, separate from my Behind the Scenes posts, I will be posting about the theme for that day in Share a Story, and will be linking to the main post of the day.

Terry Doherty of The Family Bookshelf is one of the driving forces behind Share a Story. Elizabeth O. Dulemba created the delightful badge.

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  1. What a positively wonderful program? Thanks for sharing the news.

    It’s interesting because I just had another chat with my daughter about how much I love reading and encouraged her to read some of the books swelling our shelf. I overhead her mentioning how much she enjoyed reading. It really made me smile.

    1. Isn’t it excellent?

      I’m so glad your daughter enjoys reading — seeing you do the same I’m sure encourages her.

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