Theatrical masksA recent letter on the editorial page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune spoke of high ticket prices for touring Broadway shows. A response to that letter  (scroll down to THEATER PRICES) spoke well of the myriad opportunities to see good theatre by supporting local theatrical companies.

Ticket prices can be a definite stumbling block to many when it comes to having the opportunity to attend theatre performances, musical concerts and the like.

Often it is the big-name shows that get the average person off the couch and into the theatre (and complaining about ticket prices). Despite the ticket prices, these big name productions do get people into the audience for live theatre – but we need to encourage people to go to productions that are put on by local theatre. We need to help them realize that such productions can still feature excellent acting, dance, music – often at a lower price point.

While not all of us have access to the plethora of theatres and professional companies that Minneapolis-St.Paul has (and oh, how I wish I lived closer when I hear of some of the productions being staged in and around The Cities!) there are good theatres practically everywhere you look.

It may seem as though the beginning of June is not the time to be posting about this, as many theatre companies and orchestras are winding down their season – but there are many opportunities for summer stage productions all over the United States and Canada.

On Mondays for the rest of June, I’ll be exploring some of these opportunities in blog posts (though not in real life). Hope you’ll join me!

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