For my middle grade writing, I use the pen-name Elizabeth Starborn. This helps keep my writing for kids and my writing for adults separate. Also, Starborn is a more kid-friendly name, when you think about it.

I have a website under that name, with a blog called The Starborn Revue. I invite you to read more below, and check it out!

In theatre, a revue is a stage performance that features a variety of dramatic expressions – song, dance, comedy, serious drama. In the same way, the Starborn Revue features a variety of expressions and explorations, centered around the arts and middle grade books, but expanding outward as well.

When I first started the site, I focused solely on theatre and music. I’ve expanded since then, but the arts still play a prominent part. My main purpose is to help people – whether young or older – learn to celebrate who they are, find joy in something special they love to do, and to shine like the stars they are.

I hope that the Starborn Revue blog and my Elizabeth Starborn website, as well as my books (eventually), will help provide a springboard for kids to let their creativity shine, and to become “star-borne” as they discover just what shines inside each one of them.