For my middle grade writing, I use the pen-name Elizabeth Starborn. This helps keep my writing for kids and my writing for adults separate. Also, Starborn is a more kid-friendly name, when you think about it.

I have a website under that name, with a blog called The Starborn Revue. I invite you to read more below, and check it out!

Imagine you’re standing just outside the stage door of a theatre for the very first time. You don’t know quite what you’ll find when you open the door and walk in, but you’re eager to find out.

That’s the way I will feel, and I hope you will, too, when I welcome you through the stage door of my blog, The Starborn Revue for the very first time.

I hope that the Starborn Revue blog and my Elizabeth Starborn website, as well as my books (eventually), will help provide a springboard for kids to let their creativity shine, and to become “star-borne” as they discover just what shines inside each one of them.

As the weeks unfold, I will raise the curtain on a myriad of ways to discover and express creativity. There are always books eagerly waiting in the wings for their chance to shine. The wonderful theatre cats, Lady and Sir, make an appearance sometimes. As the title “Revue” suggests, there will be a bit of everything.

You can find links to recent posts in the sidebar, stage left. (That way ⇒)

I invite you to go through the stage door and explore what The Starborn Revue has to offer. Click on the button below. See you on stage!