Something that is suggested when a writer (or anyone) is building their “brand” or platform, is to make sure that all pointers to one’s online identity are uniform, as well as being logical and intuitive in terms of search engine optimization.

To that end, I have gradually bringing all my online entities, blog, Facebook, etc., into line. When I changed my blog at the beginning of this year, I went from the more generic elizabethannewrites to the simple, straightforward use of my name, Beth Stilborn. My Facebook writer page has also been changed from elizabethannewrites to BethStilbornWrites.

As of today, my twitter presence is also uniform. @lizannewriting is now @BethStilborn.  If you already follow me, you needn’t do anything except recognize tweets from @BethStilborn as being from me. If you are looking for me on Twitter, you now may simply search by my name.

Simplicity. Not a bad idea, actually.

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