Yes, my Wednesday Worthy for In the Spotlight Week is none other than Geraldine, the Very Fairy Princess herself! (She assures me that fairy princesses are very comfortable in the spotlight.)

Through the generosity of Emma Walton Hamilton and her co-author, as well as their publisher, Little, Brown & Co., Geraldine has graciously agreed to a brief interview. Thank you, all! (Thanks especially to Emma — you’re a gem who sparkles brightly every day!) If you missed my link to Emma’s excellent post about there being more to princesses than meets the eye, check it out — “Embracing My Inner Princess.” Also, take a look at the incredible list of real-life princesses and all the good they do in the world at The Very Fairy Princess website. But do come back here for the interview with Geraldine!

Thank you, Geraldine, for being with us today. First of all, I have to apologize to you. When you sent your answers to me, you had colored them in a lovely sparkly Very Fairy Princess shade of pinky-purple. Try as I might, I couldn’t make that wonderful color show up on my blog. We’ll all just have to IMAGINE the color is there. (Fairy Princesses have very good imaginations.)

Geraldine, the Very Fairy Princess

Me: How do you know you’re a Very Fairy Princess?

Geraldine: I know I’m a fairy princess because I FEEL it, inside. It’s a sparkly feeling of just knowing in my heart. Also I do everything that fairy princesses do.

Me: Can anyone be one, or is it just you? Just kids? or grownups, too?

Geraldine: ANYONE can be a fairy princess! I always say you can be whatever you want to be, you just have to let your sparkle out!

Me: What’s the best thing about being a Fairy Princess?

Geraldine: The absolute BEST thing about being a fairy princess is making people smile. (Fairy princesses are all about making the world a better place!)

Me: Is there anything that’s hard about being a Fairy Princess?

Geraldine: Fairy princesses have a lot of responsibilities and work very hard, solving problems and helping friends in need . Sometimes it’s all I can do to stay awake through dinner!

Me: What are things kids can do to be Fairy Princesses, or Princes?

Geraldine: They just have to think about what makes them sparkle, and then share that sparkle with the world! (Wings and a tiara help, of course.)


​Me: Thanks VERY much for doing this interview, Geraldine! You’ve really helped me learn to let my SPARKLE out!


Thanks again to Geraldine (and to Emma) for the privilege of conducting this interview. We will all think today about what makes us sparkle, what makes us unique among all the millions of other people in the world — and we’ll share that inner sparkle with everyone we meet.

I want to add something I said in a comment on my Tagline post about “letting your sparkle out” — Even boys can let their sparkle out! It really means finding out what is special about you, and using that special inner self to reach out and benefit other people.


Portrait of Geraldine is a cover art poster that hangs on the wall of my writing room, obtained in a giveaway by Little, Brown & Co., and used here by permission of Emma Walton Hamilton. All artwork for this book is copyright Christine Davenier.


Giveaway Reminder: If a copy of The Very Fairy Princess: Here Comes the Flower Girl and a Fairy Princess Wand might help you let your sparkle out, remember that everyone who comments on any of this week’s blog posts will have their names added to the draw to be held on Sunday, April 29. Grand Prize is a copy of Emma’s and Julie’s new book and a specially made wand (more about the wand tomorrow), second prize is a copy of the book.


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