Waiting in the Wings — Teaser # 2

September 12, 2012

The impresario producer has made his decision. It will be a musical extravaganza like none you’ve ever seen!

(p.s. The blackboard says 1st Rehearsal 1 p.m. SHARP!)

Stay tuned…

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  1. The Pirates Of Penzance? THe H.M.S. Pinafore? Some other G&S that goes with that S above the stage? Or maybe Shakespeare! A children’s musical version of Midsummer Night’s Dream? 🙂 This is fun! 🙂

    1. Although I’ve promised myself not to answer any of the guesses until I reveal the answer in October, I did want to tell you, Erik, that I “built” the stage myself, out of cardboard and fabric and paper. It was fun to do!

  2. LOL….can’t wait to see what this is. Frosty seems to be getting in character . It’s a dandy stage, Beth. You could have all kinds of events there. Room for large choirs, dancing…wow!!!!

  3. I have three wild guesses. First, The Phantom of Phantom of the Opera. That is a 19C opera coat and top hat. He is carrying a cane. Waiting in the Wings could indicate his status throughout the show, waiting in the wings to hear the opera singer and to find a way to claim her for his own.

    Second, Sir Noel Coward. His basic style, born in December (snow). The 1:00 sharp would indicate a director posting for the cast/crew. His show “Waiting in the Wings” is a classic showbiz play.

    My other guess because of the chalkboard is the musical “A Chorus Line” since the whole show is a backstage musical. Most of the show is of actors auditioning and waiting in the wings. Of course, Neil Simon’s Noises Off also would work there.

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