We’re Going on a Book Hunt — Perfect Picture Book Friday

April 10, 2014

5101889Title: We’re Going on a Book Hunt

Author: Pat Miller

Illustrator:Β Nadine Bernard Westcott

Publisher: Fort Atkinson, WI: Upstart Books, 2008.


Genre: Picture book, fiction

Audience Age: 3 to 7

Themes/topics: Libraries, books, library procedures

Opening Sentences: We’re going on a book hunt. We’re going to find a good one. We know how.

Synopsis: Any child who knows the kids’ chant “Going on a Bear Hunt” (or the version I learned, “Going on a Lion Hunt”) will quickly latch on to the rhythm of the text of this book, which uses the feel of the chant as a springboard.

In We’re Going on a Book Hunt, it’s library day for some young bears. Through simple description paired with onomatopoeia (such as “beep boop beep” for the scanner) or memorable phrases (“peek and turn, peek and turn” as they look through the books to find one that’s “just right”), they learn basic library procedures.

Kids will easily learn the “going on a book hunt” refrain, and will be sure to repeat it (along with the actions that we see the bear cubs doing) as the book progresses.

It’s a great way to introduce library etiquette to kids.

The author is a librarian, as well as being a writer, so she knows her library etiquette! She’s also a former member of Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 picture book writing challenge, although this book predates the challenge.

Activities/Resources: Going on a book hunt in the library, looking for books that are “just right” is the ultimate activity for this book!

There are fantastic activity suggestions on the author’s webpage, including a teacher’s guide, a script for older kids to act out the book for younger ones, and an audio version of the Book Hunt chant. When I listen to the chant, I find myself wanting to do the clapping we did when chanting “Going on a Lion Hunt” – kids may figure out their own ways of responding and embellishing the chanting words.

Availability: Available online, or ask your local independent bookstore to order it for you.

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  1. I’ll have to check out the web site for the chant because I don’t know it. As you know my childhood is strife with ignorance since we immigrated and then I went to work at age nine.

    So I”m living it now!! Hugs my friend! πŸ™‚ xxoo

    1. Yes, you’re right, it is the anniversary of the Going on a Bear Hunt book. Wish I’d thought of that, and added it to my post! Thanks for mentioning it!

      Book hunts are a great thing to do!

  2. What a brilliant twist on a well-known tale. How did I not know Pat had published? I’ve been looking forward to her nonfiction.

    1. When I picked up the book in the library, I saw the name, and looked at the author picture, and thought, “That has to be the Pat we know!” So I checked her website, and sure enough!

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