What I’m Reading Mini-Blog

In this mini-blog, you can find out what I’m reading currently and what I’ve read. The posts are just title, author, publisher and genre, along with a link or two, perhaps to a review, or to the author’s website. These aren’t intended to be full-scale reviews/recommendations, they’re just so I can share with you what books are intriguing and exciting me at the moment, Perhaps you’ll want to read them, too!

The Best Man by Richard Peck (MG)

I need to change this category to Recent Reads, because when I am into a book like this, I don't want to stop to write a blog post, even a brief one! You may know that author extraordinaire, Richard Peck, died recently -- on May 23rd. There is a hole in the kidlit...

Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali (YA)

I will be doing a full blog post about this book in a few weeks. Although I don't often read YA, I requested this book as soon as one of my Facebook friends recommended it. I've just started reading it, and I can already tell it's going to be excellent. Quoting the...

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

This is a riveting historical novel, just published in June, by Kate Quinn. It is the intertwined stories of a young American woman who is searching for a missing cousin in the aftermath of the Second World War, and an older, embittered, broken English/French woman...

Write This Down by Claudia Mills

Technically, this "What I'm Reading" post is another "What I Just Finished Reading Because I Couldn't Put It Down" post. Not only is it well done in terms of expressing a middle-grader's feelings and thoughts, and the wrenching ups and downs of pre-teen life in both...

The Distance to Home by Jenn Bishop

Actually, I read this one so quickly (it's that good) that I didn't get to post it while I was reading it. I highly recommend this one. Title: The Distance to Home Author: Jenn Bishop Publisher: New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2016 Genre: MG Fiction Links: Author's website...


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