Yes, I think writer’s resources deserve a shout-out as Wednesday Worthies. It is invaluable to an aspiring/emerging writer to learn from those who have traveled the road before.

I don’t like facing the wall when I work, so my desk faces out towards the room and I look directly at my bookcases when I look up from Mackie (Mackie is my Mac laptop and boon writing companion). The bookcase that is directly in my line of vision houses picture books on one shelf (along with a sign that says “This Space Reserved for Publications of Members of the Children’s Book Hub”), middle grade novels on the next shelf, and YA novels and writing resource books on the shelf below that. Just looking at them is inspiring. Opening them is even more so.

The picture above is the view from where I sit at my desk, although the books have been rearranged since the picture was taken. On my shelves are Jeff Herman’s Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents, the 2012 Writer’s Market, the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents, The Acting Bible, Susan Raab’s Author’s Guide to Children’s Book Promotion, Ann Whitford Paul’s Writing  Picture Books, Emma Walton Hamilton’s Raising Bookworms, Get Started in Film Making, Movie Speak, Notes on Directing, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Book Proposals and Query Letters, Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters, Cheryl Klein’s Second Sight,  on Mackie’s desktop is the pdf version of Katie Davis’ How to Promote Your Children’s Book (I also have the iTunes ebook), … and there are other books on the shelves in the storage room,

I also regularly consult the myriad resources in the Children’s Book Hub, my binder of notes from the Just Write for Kids course, and other resources. Where would we be without such resources at our fingertips?

Now, here’s a chance for you to have your own copy of one or two of those resources. It’s GIVEAWAY time!

I have an extra copy of the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents and an extra copy of The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters. They came with a package-deal I ordered. I already had purchased my copies. SO it seems logical that I share these books with my fellow writers.

If you would like your name entered into the draw for these books, simply say so in the comments on today’s post. Indicate in your comment whether you’d like to have a chance at Agents, Query Letters, or both books. Comments will close at 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time Thursday, March 1.  On Thursday morning, will help me choose a winner for Agents and a winner for Queries.

Note: Each time you comment (for example, if you comment on each of the three posts) your name will be entered into the draw. Winners can be from anywhere (preferably on this planet).

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