Beth Stilborn

Writer, Editor, and More

Books ~ Encouragement ~ Teaching ~ Hope

I write middle grade and adult fiction, as yet unpublished.

If you’re looking for

~~ book recommendations for all ages ~~ links to resources for writers

~~ copy-editing or proofreading services

~~ interviews with writers, illustrators and others ~~ blog posts for writers and readers

you’re in the right place!

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring what I have to offer here, and that you’ll return! There’s a subscription option in the sidebar of my blog, if you’d like regular updates from By Word of Beth. My copy editing services are available any time — just contact me to find out how we can work together to make your writing shine.

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  1. Love the new bio! Great info and cute pictures. I wish I remembered how I learned to read, too! Although I have watched and walked through the process with hundreds of kids, it’s still just mysterious and magical.

  2. Beth,
    Is this is Beth Stilborn who grew up in the Lemberg, Saskatchewan area? I recently located my Lemberg High School yearbooks and as I was paging through them wondered where people ended up over time and what they were doing.
    I ended up in Ontario and so did Willie Chan (we knew him as Willie Mah when young), Wayne Senft, and Owen Krupski.

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