Writing Tools

The Thesaurus Collection of Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi is the most amazing collection of books listing descriptive words that anyone could imagine. My Greek language professor taught me years ago that the word “thesaurus” means “heaped up treasure,” and these books are certainly a heaped up treasure. Angela and Becca have created thesauri of character motivations, conflicts, emotions, negative traits, positive traits, settings, physical traits, and so much more, each topic in a separate book. Stumped for a word to describe a character or what they’re feeling? Check one of the thesauri. They’re bound to spark your imagination and give you a plethora of words to choose from.

Editing Tools

Emma Walton Hamilton has a great product called EDITOR-IN-A-BOX, which offers a 6-step revision process, word use and grammar tools, formatting guidelines, submission guides, and much more. There are two products, one for Picture Books and one for Chapter Books and Novels. Owning Editor-in-a-Box will be (almost) like having Emma at your side as you work on revising your manuscript.