InspirationHearing directly from someone helps us all gain insights and inspiration — I enjoy hosting interviews and guest posts on By Word of Beth, and have been honored by the presence of many amazing people (via the written word, at least). I look forward to hosting many more in the future. Click on the information bars to access links to the posts.

Over the years, I’ve conducted many interviews here — I thank all who have participated in interviews here on By Word of Beth!

I invite you all to be inspired by these amazing people, as I have been. Just click their names (they’re in alphabetical order) to read the original blog post/interview.

Aubrey and her blog filled with wonder

Ashley Franklin (post-launch interview with debut picture book author)

Beverley Brenna (author — the first interview)

Beverley Brenna (on her books Wild Orchid and Waiting for No One)

Beverley Brenna (on her Printz Honor Book The White Bicycle)

Brian Sibley (British broadcaster, journalist, writer, etc.)

Diane Tulloch (writer and blogger at The Patient Dreamer)

Donna Martin (and her History’s Mysteries middle grade series)

Emma Walton Hamilton (author, editor, educator)

Emma Walton Hamilton (a “Just Write” interview about her writing courses)

Emma Walton Hamilton (with her mother, Julie Andrews, on the new musical based on their book The Great American Mousical)

Erik (The Kid Who Reviews Books) and his sister Josie

Geraldine, The Very Fairy Princess (picture book character)

Imogen Ragone (Alexander Technique practitioner)

Jay Fishman (Minnesota Sinfonia’s Music in the Schools program)

Jim McMullan (artist/illustrator/writer extraordinaire)

Joanna Marple (writer and blogger at Miss Marple’s Musings)

Jonathan Lopes (LEGO artist)

Julie Andrews (with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, on the new musical based on their book The Great American Mousical)

Julie Hedlund (founder of 12×12 picture book challenge and community)

Julie Hedlund (second interview)

Lydia Lukidis (author of No Bears Allowed)

Marcie Colleen (mini-interview about her Super Happy Party Bears chapter book series)

Marcie Colleen (about her expertise in creating teacher’s guides for books)

Meg Miller (the force behind ReviMo)

Patricia Jensen (crafter of Fairy Princess wands)

Patricia Tilton (writer and blogger at Children’s Books Heal)

Renee LaTulippe (poet and teacher of Lyrical Language Lab and more)

Robin King (artist)

Stephanissima (photographer)

Susan Verde (author)

Susanna Leonard Hill (author, founder of Perfect Picture Book Friday)

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Captioned Emma and Beth

In January 2013, I did an extended interview of my friend and colleague Emma Walton Hamilton, founder of the Children’s Book Hub, for the Hub’s Expert Interviews series (Emma was the Expert for a  change, instead of the Interviewer). Emma graciously allowed me to serialize the transcript of this oral interview. The links are below:

Emma Walton Hamilton, 1 — her passion for helping children’s writers

Emma Walton Hamilton, 2 — the books that were meaningful to her as a child

Emma Walton Hamilton, 3 — her background and training in theatre

Emma Walton Hamilton, 4 — her work as an editor

Emma Walton Hamilton, 5 — her work as an educator, particularly her Just Write for Kids course

Emma Walton Hamilton, 6 — the Children’s Book Hub

Emma Walton Hamilton, 7 — the Stony Brook Southampton Children’s Literature Conference

Emma Walton Hamilton, 8 — highlights of her career thus far and her hopes for the future

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Julie Gribble is a media specialist who is now making her mark in the world of children’s writing. Lori Hanson is an illustrator. Julie and Lori independently published their first picture book, Bubblegum Princess in July 2013. In this on-going series of guest posts, they take us through the entire process in fascinating and enlightening detail. Most of the posts are written by Julie, with Lori contributing posts occasionally.

I’m glad to host her series on By Word of Beth.

Julie Gribble (How to Make a Picture Book, part 1, introduction)

Julie Gribble (How to Make a Picture Book, part 2, choosing your author/choosing your illustrator)

Julie Gribble (How to Make a Picture Book, part 3a, story development)

Julie Gribble (How to Make a Picture Book, part 3b, story development, part 2)

Julie Gribble (How to Make a Picture Book, part 3c, story development, part 3)

Lori Hanson (How to Make a Picture Book, part 3d, character development through illustrations)

Lori Hanson (How to Make a Picture Book, part 3e, character development through illustrations, part 2)

Julie Gribble (How to Make a Picture Book, part 4, creating a picture book dummy)

Julie Gribble (How to Make a Picture Book, part 5, tips on sharing your picture book dummy)

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Besides the interviews and Julie Gribble’s series, there have also been a few guest posts on By Word of Beth. I hope to host other guests in the future!

Debbie Ohi (author and illustrator)

Jennifer Kirkeby (writer, playwright, actor, arts advocate)

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