My Newsletter

My Newsletter

Previously, subscribing to my blogposts simply meant that any time I blogged, the post would pop into your inbox.

I wanted to offer you more than simply the occasional blogpost, so now I’ll be publishing a monthly newsletter at the end of each month, that will include 

  • thoughts about writing
  • suggestions for self-editing
  • what I’ve been reading
  • links to resources I have found for both writing and editing
  • links to any blogposts I may have done during that month
  • something just for fun

I hope this will give you added value and will be of benefit to your own writing and reading life.

To subscribe, you may use the form below. It’s double opt-in, so you will need to confirm your intent to subscribe. Shortly after you’ve confirmed, my welcome newsletter should land in your inbox.

About a week after the newsletter goes out by email, it will be posted on my website, in case you want to refer to it again. Check in the drop-down menu.

Thank you for your interest! Here’s to lots of reading, writing, and learning together in the coming months!

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