Why Choose Me as an Editor?

Why Choose Me as Your Editor?

Why should you entrust your manuscript to me?

I’m a writer and editor who loves words and loves helping other writers make their manuscripts the best they can be — taking manuscripts from Flubs to Fixes!

In college, I majored in English, which gave me a solid grounding in language and its use.

I work hard at honing my editing skills through courses and webinars. I have attained the Poynter/ACES Certificate in Copy Editing, which entailed working through an in-depth course in the different aspects of copy editing. You can view my qualifications here.

Since I am a writer as well as an editor, I understand how it feels to entrust your manuscript to someone else for feedback of any sort, and so I am sensitive and encouraging while also being as helpful as possible.

I have a passion for connecting people with the right resources, whether that resource is a book, a website, or a blog post. I often suggest resources to clients during the editing or consulting process.

I bring all this — plus a commitment to language, literature, and great writing — to my work as an editor.

Do you…

need fresh eyes and a fresh perspective on your manuscript, knowing it needs some illusive “something,” but you’re not sure what that something is?

Or are you…

ready to submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher, or ready to take the next step in independently publishing your writing, but need someone who has a keen eye for grammar, spelling, punctuation and all the mechanical elements that are crucial to a professional-looking manuscript?

I’m here, and through developmental editing or copy editing, I can help you make your manuscript SHINE!

Check out the Services and Rates Page to see how we can work together.

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