Welcome Back to “By Word of Beth”

*peeks out of my burrow* *looks around* *whispers ‘anybody here?’* *crawls out of the burrow and dusts off my fur* As this gopher has surmised, it’s time to come out of the burrow and reboot my blog. Or maybe that should be rear-boot, as in boot in the rear to get me blogging again. *grin* I hope that in the coming year, I can bring you posts that you’ll find helpful, hopeful, encouraging, educational – or at least, perhaps amusing. The first thing the gopher noticed is that it looks a bit different around here. I’ve done a revamp as well as a reboot, and I hope you’ll look around and see what the revamped By Word of Beth looks like. On the home page you’ll find an explanation of some of the new features, such as what is in the extra menu hidden behind the three-line “hamburger” icon in the top left corner. Wander around. Explore. Make yourself at home. I’m glad you’re here. In coming weeks, I plan to tell you about some excellent books I’ve read since last we met, some helpful writer’s resources I’ve discovered, some websites that have got me thinking, some inspiration I’ve experienced. Until then, for those of you who are writers like me, and for those who aren’t, as well, I want to encourage you to live by the words of Sara Bareilles’ song BRAVE, and “Say what you wanna sayAnd let the words fall out…” Be BRAVE!* *click the word BRAVE to see the video of this wonderful song.