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In the Spotlight — Past Interviewees

Do you enjoy watching those “where are they now” shows on TV? I do, especially when they feature people who were once the kids on TV programs I used to enjoy. It’s interesting to see how their lives have changed, and what interesting projects they might be involved in now. In previous years on this blog, I’ve done interviews of some very interesting people. I hope to get back to doing interviews at some point. I got thinking that it might be fun to do a “where are they now” post about a few of the people I’ve interviewed on By Word of Beth. You’re likely aware of what some of them are doing now, but even so, I hope you’ll find it interesting to revisit some of those old interviews, and get a bit of an update.

Brian Sibley — Wednesday Worthy INTERVIEW

I am beyond delighted to welcome my friend Brian Sibley to the interview chair today. Brian is a British broadcaster, writer, Disney historian, Tolkien expert, C.S. Lewis expert, many other authors expert, fabulous raconteur, creative blogger, the list “goes ever on and on.” He has written numerous books and radio dramatizations, he has been a presenter for both BBC radio and television, he has interviewed many of the luminaries in the writing and acting world, he has become friends with the most amazing people (for instance, Ray Bradbury, to name but one). You will find Brian on the extras of several Disney DVDs/Blu-rays as well, including Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians, and Snow White. (Note: those links are to the UK versions.) To read a full (and wonderfully written) autobiography on one of his blogs, go to “My Life and Welcome To It” at Brian Sibley: The Works. For the stories behind his books, see “Booked Up: Stories Behind Books.” Get an idea of the breadth of scope of his career at Wikipedia. I first encountered Brian in one of those deliciously serendipitous happenstances that occur on the internet. I was googling a quintessentially English phrase, and came upon an instance in which the phrase had been used by someone in an interview Brian blogged about. I read his blog post and was immediately entranced, and commented even though the post was a year or two old at the time. Brian followed the link to my blog and commented there, and from those simple beginnings, a friendship was formed. A few years, many blog comments and emails later, two friends and I met Brian and had a delightful lunch with him at the Dorchester Hotel in London last July. For three hours we talked as if we’d known each other all our lives. (A picture of that lunch gathering is past the “read more” line.) Join me now, as I interview Brian Sibley. I’m quite sure you’ll be as entranced as I was by this multi-talented, absolutely delightful man.

May Accountability Check-In

The Wednesday Worthy concept is taking a breather this week before launching in to an incredible series of interviews in June. After a fairly intense month in April with all those blogging challenges and platform challenges, here a challenge, there a challenge, everywhere a challenging challenge, May needed to be — and was — a complete change of pace. In fact, quite a bit of it was spent in doing things other than writing. To find out what I did (or did not) accomplish in May, as well as what’s coming up in June, click the magic words…

Stunning Mosaic Work!

My friend, Brian Sibley, posted about an artist friend of his, a mosaicist, today. I was so overwhelmed by the intricacy and beauty of this man’s work that I just had to share the link to Brian’s post. If you happen to be in London, England (lucky you) Brian will be interviewing the artist, Martin Cheek, tomorrow evening at the Chelsea Arts Club (details on Brian’s blog). Here’s the link: Martin Cheek — Putting it Together

And the nominees are…

I’m doing a second Wednesday Worthies post today, because this is my blog, and I get to make the rules about posting. My friend Brian Sibley, journalist, author, broadcaster, raconteur, et cetera, et cetera and so forth, adapted Mervyn Peake’s novels about Titus Groan for BBC Radio, and the series was broadcast last year. It has received three nominations in the BBC Audio Awards, which will be presented January 29th, 2012.

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