Time to Power Up the Blog at By Word of Beth!

  It’s time for a new blogging season here at By Word of Beth, and I’m ready for it. I’m planning what I hope will be interesting and engaging posts, including:   a series looking at why and how I write, and why and how others write, including profiles of other writers and the occasional interview posts that explore the basics of my logo – empowerment, arts, and words sharing books and experiences through Books, Encouragement, Teaching, Hope a bit of fun here and there NO alphabetical posts. Nope. Not going there again. 😉 Something you may not know about me is that I love to watch HGTV, particularly home-renovation shows (since the day for decluttering and organization shows seems to be over). A couple of my favorites (which are, alas, only reruns now) are Canadian shows Income Property and Leave It To Bryan. My favorite part of the show is the reveal. Which brings me to the reason I got onto this topic. If you look around my site, you’ll see that I’ve spent some time this summer renovating my website and now it’s time for the big reveal. First of all – there’s a new theme around here. I hope you’ll find it easy to navigate and appealing to read. It’s certainly easier for me on the posting end of things. There are still a couple of drop-down menus, but they’re not accordions. And TAGS are back! For some reason, my last theme didn’t allow tags on blog posts, and I have missed them. I’ve also revamped and rewritten all the pages (well, except the blog, of course. A blog is a blog.) There’s a new bio with anecdotes and pictures, although the brief, official-sounding one is still there as well. There’s a brand-new page about the basics of my logo, with a drop-down giving a few words about each of Empowerment, Arts, and Words, along with links to previous blog posts on each of those topics. There’s an easier-to-scroll-through version of my Resources for Writers page. There’s a link to my re-vamped Flubs2Fixes Editing website (yes, it’s been given a facelift, too. Watch for a link when the first post goes up on that blog.) There’s new information about my kid-focused website and blog, The Starborn Revue, including information about the coming serialized story, The Show MUST Go On. (And in case you’re wondering, The Starborn Revue has been refreshed and renewed, too. There’ll be a link here to the first post on Wednesday, so you can experience the reveal there, as well.) There are GDPR-compliant privacy and cookies policy statements in the links in the footer. And there’s a bright, shiny, and functional contact form. I hope you’ll take some time and look around at the new pages, and get a feel for the renewed site. I’ve had a good time with this “renovation” and I hope it will serve you better in time to come. Next week, I’ll be celebrating International Dot Day a little early. I hope you’ll join me for that. In the meantime, here’s to books, encouragement, teaching and hope!