summer stage

‘Tis the Season — for Summer Theatre

You’ve spent the day at the beach, you’ve had a wonderful time, but you’re not ready yet to go back to the hotel or the campsite (or home). How about going down the street to the theatre? Although most theatre companies wind down their season in May or perhaps June, some theatres are just revving up for their main season. Some theatres are mainly, or even exclusively, summer theatres with offerings that span the summer months, often lighter fare that will delight, amuse, and send the audience out smiling. Unlike last week, when we were under the stars, or out in a sunny park, the productions we’ll be looking at today are indoors, in a variety of venues across the United States and Canada. Although my space is limited here, and I can only feature a few, perhaps there’s something similar where you are! Get your ticket ready for the summer stage experience —

Going Out(doors) to the Theatre

Slather on some sunscreen, get the insect repellant and put on a hat – we’re going to the theatre! While those may not be on your list of usual preparatory items for a night at the theatre, they’re highly appropriate for the places we’re going today, where the actors and audience are out in the open, under the sun or the stars (or perhaps a canopy) in one of the many outdoor summer theatres across the United States and Canada.

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