Youth Tube!

If you’re unaware of Youth Tube, it’s a relatively new venture by Plum Tree Books to encourage children’s literacy and art, and to give kids a place to share their “art, videos, stories, reviews,  songs, feature books and a whole lot more,” quoting from the website. Erik and Josie mentioned in their interview here yesterday that they would be submitting their self-portraits to Youth Tube, and Niamh Clune left a comment on that blog post this morning to say that Josie’s and Erik’s pictures are up and viewable. Thank you, Niamh! She also wanted to encourage other kids to send in their pictures, so if you know of kids who’d like to participate, they can find the information at the link I’ll provide below. I am delighted that Erik has chosen to portray himself as Awesome Man, and that Josie sees herself as a Garden Fairy Princess. You can view their pictures by clicking on the arrows in the display/slideshow to find theirs, then click on the picture itself to read what they’ve said about it. Youth Tube! (Note: Image is from, and is not a representation of any kid I know, just in case you’re wondering.)