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Coming on October 28th (a heads-up, teaser post)

You aren’t seeing things! I’ve brought my blog out of storage because I want to make sure you come back two weeks from today, on Perfect Picture Book Friday, October 28, for A Boisterous, Comical, Delightful, Engaging, Fun-filled, Glorious, Hilarious, Inspirational, Jazzy, Kooky, Lighthearted and slightly Lagomorphic, Magical, Nocturnal (in a way), Out-of-the-ordinary, Playful, Quirkily…

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I’m on the GROG blog today!

I’m very pleased to be featured on the GROG blog today, as my friend and writing accountability partner Kathy Halsey interviews me about editing in general, and my editing services in particular. The GROG blog is a group blog with a mission to provide guidance and support, resources for the craft of writing, opportunities to…

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HEADS UP! Guidelines for Susanna’s Halloweensie Contest are up!

In my post about Susanna Leonard Hill last week, I suggested you stay tuned for the announcement of this year’s Halloweensie writing contest. And today her post went live to announce the 11th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest. Woohoo (and a cackle and a OOoooOOooOOOooo, too.) You can read the full post at the link below….

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Heads Up! Picture Book Summit coming to a screen near you, October 2, 2021

From time to time, I will be posting outside my regular schedule, to alert you to special events and opportunities in a “Heads Up!” post. This is just such an alert. Picture Book Summit, an information-packed one-day online conference, filled to the brim with opportunity, learning, and fun, is coming to computer screens on OCTOBER…