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I am delighted to welcome my dear friend Robin King to the Wednesday Worthy Interview chair today. Robin and I became friends on the same now-defunct blogging platform where I met Stephanissima (interviewed in April) and Aubrey (interviewed in February). We recognized each other as kindred spirits immediately. My apologies to Robin that due to a typo in my scheduling time, this wasn’t up at the usual time this morning.

Robin is multi-faceted and multi-talented, a writer, a musician, an incredibly funny person, and an artist in many different media. It is her art we’ll focus on today. I have some of her art hanging on my walls, and as I look through the art she has available for sale, I realize I may have to add to my Robin King collection. (Note: The image to the left is a licensed stock image from Fotolia, as are nearly all the images I post on my site, it isn’t one of Robin’s paintings.)

Me:   Could you tell us something of the way your life’s journey has brought you to using art as an expression of your creativity?

Robin: I’ve always drawn…cartoons, illustrations. It’s joy to do that even when the outcome is less than “perfect.” I like the act of drawing. And colors! LOVE colors! When they sing together it’s wonderful. For a long time I was fortunate enough to have a job that allowed me to use photography, drawing, and videography on a daily basis; when that job ended a few years ago I decided to expand my art-horizons.


Me:   I’m always so impressed by the variety of things you do in your art. Would you tell us about the various media you use? 

Robin: You’re so kind!! Thank you!! I routinely use pencils, charcoal, pastels, computer software, and cut paper. I also enjoy photography. And over the past few months I’ve been teaching myself how to paint (acrylics on canvas).


Me:   Because I follow your blog, I know that lately you’ve been doing a lot of painting and experimentation with that medium. Could you talk a bit about how that has informed your art as a whole? Has it changed your approach to other media, and if so, how?  

Robin: Well, it’s been terrifying and incredibly rewarding. There’s such POWER in physically pushing colors around! I suppose that the work I’ve been doing has allowed me to be more brave in other areas. The confidence that comes from learning will do that. 


Me:   What sort of subjects attract you? Do you look for patterns, shapes, colors? How do you decide what medium to use for each project?

Robin: Subjects? Life, love, death, pain, confusion…emotions. I like to create things that appear to be pretty or funny and light-hearted but actually have a more sinister meaning. And I often find myself working on images that are ambiguous. I like presenting mysteries to people, especially when the images don’t look like mysteries at first. As far as choosing goes, right now I’m painting everything. It feels good. 


Me:   This may sound like a silly question, but when you’re painting, or working digitally with an image, how do you decide when that piece of art is “finished” or are you always seeing ways of tweaking things?

Robin: Ha! Not silly! It’s a big deal. Doing “too much” is very easy. I try to stop when I think I MIGHT be done, when the image looks “almost there,” and then I let it sit for a few days. Sometimes I discover later that it really was “done” and I wasn’t immediately certain because I was still fired up about making it and couldn’t let go. When I find that the image isn’t finished, it’s easier to do the last few things to complete it, when it’s “cooled off” and so have I.


Me:   I am very concerned about copyright online, and I know that you have had some problems in this area. I wonder if you could say a few words about how copyright issues impact your work?

Robin: I’ve discovered my images in horrible places on line and had partial success in having them removed. What worries me is what I CAN’T see. In spite of all the searching tools available, it’s still VERY EASY for people to post images they don’t own and to sell them — and not be caught. I took the extreme measure of hiding all of my work and closing accounts a couple of months ago. But that was untenable and now I’m back online. I wish people wouldn’t think it’s OK to “take” whatever they see online. But many do.


Me:   If someone is interested in your work, is it available for purchase anywhere? 

Robin: My work is available on RedBubble, a dandy site where I’ve been a member since August of 2008. The art community there is friendly, supportive, and amazingly creative.

Here’s a link to my portfolio:

I’m always happy to create custom images and design work to order. the originals of my paintings are also available for purchase.


Me: Thanks so much, Robin, for participating in this interview. I so enjoy “talking” with you and seeing your creativity move in so many exciting directions!

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  1. Wooohoooo!!!! This is so cool, Beth!


    What an honor!
    I’m sitting here grinning!
    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much, Robin, for participating in this interview. I enjoy your friendship — and your art — so much!

      I’m concerned that because of my error in scheduling, my regular readers won’t get their notifications about this post until tomorrow, so you might want to check back tomorrow to see people’s comments.

      {{{happy hugs back}}}

      1. ::sits down to wait::

        (Good thing I brought extra Reeses. I wish you could have one. How about a cat treat instead? Sweetie would share.)

  2. wonderful interview! i’ve heard so much about robin from you, beth, i am happy now to read more about her from her own lips….er, finger tips.

    i can see why you adore her. she is funny and so creative.

  3. Such and inspiring interview. Thanks ladies. Oh, to have such talent. Robin, looked at your webpage and you are very versatile. You really are good with eyes. I love that you aren’t afraid to experiment ! Enjoyed gettting to know you better!

    1. Hi, Patricia!
      You’re very kind!! Thank you!

      I do love to try new things. It’s always exciting (not always successful…LOL).
      Thank you again!

  4. Hi, Beth and Robin! It was such fun to read your interview, and it’s always great fun to watch Robin and see what creative thing she comes up with next! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Hi Robyn, *waves*… the odd time I have looked in on your blog your posts have always made me smile, or I am blown away by your artistic flair. Love your photography! It was lovely getting to know more about you.

    1. Thanks, Diane. Robin’s art is definitely of the “blow you away” variety. I’m hankering after a few more prints — must wait until after Stony Brook Southampton!!!

    2. Hi, Patientdreamer!!!!!
      thank you!!!
      You’ve looked at my blog? OMGosh…thank you! Do we know each other? I don’t recognize your name. Do I?
      I really appreciate your kind words!

      1. You probably don’t know Diane, she’s likely followed the link from my sidebar… She’s from New Zealand.

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    1. Ooooooo!!!!!! Yes!! A Vox-Peep. But I don’t know who. Do I?

      I could start listing names and you could stop me when I land on the right one…
      Well, whichever Vox-Peep you are, ((((((happyhugs)))))))
      Thank you!

  7. I love hearing about your creative process, robbie–bursting at the seams and so vivid. Beth, very iinsightful questions. Isn’t it just wonderful to see all of us grow over the years…!

  8. I love working with acrylics! And I definitely agree with the observation that “There’s such POWER in physically pushing colors around!” Thanks for this lovely and insightful interview!

  9. Wonderful interview– as Robin has been a dear ‘Net friend, this simply filled in a bit more on things she had shared over the years. I came in by way of her mentioning this at her blog (i.e. on the trackback).

    I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you; I am an ex-Voxer but even when R mentioned your VOX pseudonym, I sheepishly admitted we hadn’t really met. Such as it is, though, because I’ve gotten to know a number of Ex-VOXers *after* things were shut down. Blog life moves on!

    1. I’d seen your name on responses to R on Vox, but we’d not met. Now we have! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m so delighted to have been able to feature Robin!

  10. Thanks for this very enjoyable interview, Beth. Lovely site you’ve got here. Your writing credits are most impressive. And thanks so much for your support of the arts.

    Robin King is a unique talent– yup, you knew that. I’m one of her biggest fans. Her approach to art is all her own. It’s extremely compelling. You won’t confuse it with anyone else’s. And she’s such a funny, giving person. You can’t beat that combo: great artist, great force for good in the universe.

    Thanks for showcasing a true worthy, and I wish you much success with your blog and all your other writing projects. : )

    1. Thank you so much, Mark. I’m so glad you visited. Robin is a delightfully unique talent, and I’m so glad to know her.

      All the best to you as well!

  11. Hi there- great to read this interview- I’ve been following Robin’s work since I got to redbubble- very inspiring, Had no Idea she played music as well!

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