Looking Ahead to Opening Night (Looking Today at Winners!)

November 6, 2012

As you know, throughout October I ran posts about the upcoming production of the new musical The Great American Mousical at the Norma Terris Theatre in Chester, Connecticut. I talked about many children’s books that have become successful stage (and screen) musicals on October 3, I talked about a quote from Katherine Anne Porter and how it features in Mousical on October 10, I was delighted to feature an interview with Mousical director Julie Andrews and author Emma Walton Hamilton on October 17, we discovered that Mousical teaches a great deal about theatre basics on October 24, and finally, we did some speculating on how costume designer Tony Walton will portray the mice, on October 31.

As you also know, a feature of all those posts was the potential of winning one of three copies of the hardcover edition of The Great American Mousical, a giveaway that was open to all who commented on any of those posts before today. I’m delighted to be able to announce the winners, although as always with these giveaways, I wish I had a copy for each of you. So, Maestro Maraczek *, if we could have a drumroll and fanfare, please? Thank you. The winners are… (Yes, you’re going to have to click the magic words to make the winners names appear. There has to be at least a modicum of suspense, does there not?)

Tina Cho

Erik (of This Kid Reviews Books)

Angela Brown

Congratulations to you all! I know you will enjoy this delightful book. Please send your mailing addresses to me via the contact form in the upper right corner of my blog. The copies will be mailed out the week of November 19.

And now, let’s look ahead to opening night.

Dance rehearsals, song rehearsals, running lines, building sets, sewing costumes, tech and lighting run-throughs, dress rehearsals… a lot has been happening in the Norma Terris Theatre over the past several weeks. I’m sure there is a lot of last minute scurrying today, as the director, cast and crew prepare for opening night tomorrow, November 8th. All the preparation will soon be behind them, and they’ll be heading on stage for 30 performances from tomorrow night through to the final two performances on Sunday, December 2.

Since it’s a workshop performance, the creative team (director Julie Andrews, playwright Hunter Bell, music team Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich, choreographer Christopher Gattelli and others) will be evaluating what is working, what isn’t, and making changes and improvements as they go along. It will be an exciting ride for all — the creative team, cast, crew, and audiences.

The Goodspeed Musicals organization (which encompasses the Goodspeed Opera House, which is the main stage in East Haddam, CT as well as the Norma Terris Theatre which is the workshop theatre in Chester, CT) has some preview videos and other features so that we all can get a taste of what’s coming up in this production. Be sure to check out the Audience Guide pdf. Not only that, if you’re on Facebook, you can see a snippet of a dance rehearsal. Doesn’t the production look as thought it’s going to be a delight?

I wish everyone connected with the production all the best. Good show, everyone! Break a paw!

* In the book, Maestro Maraczek is the Musical Director.

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  1. Congrats to the winners! And looking ahead to the opening is SO exciting! I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful, and I love that even while it’s being performed it’s a work in progress – what better way to make sure it’s the best it can be? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Susanna! I’m eagerly awaiting news of opening night. And yes, working on it throughout the run is going to make sure it’s the very best possible. There’s even one performance (Thursday, Nov. 15) when the audience gets to meet with the creative team in a feedback/Q&A session afterwards.

  2. Congrats to all the winners and thank you so much. I’m honored to be among the winners. This is a must to share with my Chipmunk.. Actually, I just mentioned it to her and she said, “YAY!!!!”

    Wishing the cast and crew the very best as opening night approaches.

  3. congrats, winners! you will love this book. some day you may also see it on stage. i know someone who will be there and i am sure she will share her impressions when she has.

  4. Wow! Thanks so much, Beth! I’m excited to read it with my children and maybe the musical will be on video or something so they can watch it later. Congratulations to Angela and Erik! I’ll message you my address.

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