Title: You are a Gift to the World/The World is a Gift to You

Author: Laura Duksta

Illustrator:  Dona Turner

Publisher: Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2011


Genre: Picture book, fiction, flip-sided book (two stories in one)

Audience Age: Age 4 and up

Theme: Love, individuality, wonders of nature, interconnectedness of people, interconnectedness of people and nature

Opening Sentences of You are a Gift to the World: I remember when you asked, “What’s the best gift in the whole wide world?” I looked at you and knew the answer was right inside my heart.

Opening Sentences of The World is a Gift to You: I remember when you asked, “What’s the biggest gift in the whole wide world?” I took a deep breath and let this answer flow from my heart.

Synopsis: One side of the book features a father telling a little girl all the things he loves about her, all the things that make her an individual. The flip side of the book features the same father and little girl, with the discussion being about the wonders of the natural world. Both sides meet in the middle with a center double page spread that provides a beautiful and touching conclusion to either book and to both books.

Activities/Resources: Although I couldn’t find any activities specific to this book, the themes of the book certainly lend themselves to activities. There is indication of an intention to have activities on the author’s website.

Lesson plans that teach about the interconnectedness of people, and the interconnectedness of people and the natural world, can be found at Lesson Planet.

The Little Earth Charter offers a concrete way for kids to get involved in learning about and promoting the concept of interconnectedness.

Availability: Readily available in hardcover flip-book.

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