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Beverley Brenna

If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I love to post about author Beverley Brenna. She’s a Canadian author of picture books, middle grade novels, and YA novels. One of her YA novels was a Prinz honor book a few years ago. She’s versatile, writing thoughtful, insightful books as well as funny ones. Full disclosure – Bev is my cousin, but I’d love her books even if I didn’t know her at all.

Bev also writes short stories, plays and poetry for all ages. She is a professor who teaches prospective teachers and researches children’s literature. She is an amazingly caring, encouraging person who has certainly given me solid encouragement throughout my own writing journey.

To get to know her better, check out the “About Me” page on her website. I strongly urge you to click the little box on that page that says “Hope Houston Interviews Bev for RiverVolta.” It’s an excellent interview and will teach you about the writing process (not just Bev’s writing process, but things you can use in your own writing).

As I said at the beginning of this post, she has written several books for various age groups. You can find a full listing, by age group/writing category, on her website at this link.

As I looked through all the information on her website, I found this delightful list of 50 family games to play (with a couple of added crafts). They’re sure to enhance your own family nights.

Here are some more links to dip into. Don’t feel you have to read them all – I promise there won’t be a test. 😉 I hope you’ll come back tomorrow, though, when I post about her most recent middle grade novel, Because of That Crow.

I’ve posted about some of her books, and would encourage you to check these out (both check the posts out, and potentially check the books out of the library – or buy them, of course!)

Fox Magic, middle grade novel

The Bug House Family Restaurant, poetry for kids

Wild Orchid and Waiting For No One, young adult novels

Falling for Henry, middle grade time slip novel (note: this post was written in anticipation of the book’s publication)

The Keeper of the Trees, middle grade novel

I’ve interviewed Bev for this blog, as well.

The first interview

Wednesday Worthy Interview about Wild Orchid and Waiting for No One

Interview with Bev about her Prinz Honor book, The White Bicycle

Hope to see you again tomorrow!

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