And Awaaaaaaaay We Go!

…into another alphabetical blogging year. I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed blogging my way through the alphabet last year. Actually, I enjoyed it very much! And it helped me greatly as I thought about what to blog about each week.

So away we go, starting with A again. (At the end of the blogging season in the spring, I considered starting with Z, but A seems to be more natural somehow. Sorry, Z!!)

I hope you’ve had a good summer (if it’s been summer where you live) — I had quite a good one, thanks. It seemed to go by incredibly fast. Time to gear up for whatever the new blogging season brings, though.

Some of what it will bring here on By Word of Beth is the mix of book recommendations, musings, and occasional interviews that has become my standard here. If you have any requests, feel free to mention them in the comments at any time.

You can expect a few more picture book recommendations this year, even some Perfect Picture Book Friday posts. After watching the fabulous Mini Picture Book Summit webinar recently, my interest in writing picture books has been re-ignited, and so I’m reading more of them again, and finding more to share.

And after mentioning the Mini Picture Book Summit, I need to give a shout-out to the full Picture Book Summit online conference, coming up on the first Saturday in October (the 7th. At home. In your PJs, should you so choose.) The founders of the conference will all be there (online, of course) — Emma Walton Hamilton, Julie Hedlund, Katie Davis, and Laura Backes. There will be amazing keynote speakers: Tomie dePaola, Carole Boston Weatherford, and Adam Rex! (I’ll pause while you say WOW.) There will be fabulous workshops. You can learn more, and register here. This conference is on my conference/workshop bucket list (see new page in the menu). Hopefully next year.

Back here on the blog, as well as picture books there will still be a mix of other types of book recommendations, and the occasional What I’m Reading mini-post when I want to share a book with you, but it doesn’t fit in with the alphabetical plan. The possibilities are exciting (you should see my From the Library shelf at the moment. At any moment, really!)

To get things off to a rollicking start in the blogging neighborhood, I’ll be sharing a picture book recommendation later today. Be sure to come back to sing, dance, and feast with Tameka Fryer Brown’s Around Our Way on Neighbors’ Day, AND come back on Friday for Anywhere Farm by Phyllis Root. I give both books an A++!

A is for Awaaaaaay we go! And it’s for you, my Amazing friends and readers. Here’s to an Absolutely Astounding blogging year!

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