Housekeeping 2 — Subscriptions and Privacy/Cookies Policies

The good news: my subscription provider, FeedBlitz, has confirmed that all my blog subscriptions were obtained through double opt-in. This constitutes permission to add your email to the mailing list and send email “newsletters.” This means I will NOT have to delete all subscriptions and start again. You can relax and just continue to receive my blog posts as you always have. This is good for us all.

You still can unsubscribe at any time. There is always an “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of any “newsletter” email you receive from my blog.

I have updated my privacy policy and added a cookies policy to comply with GDPR regulations. You can view them at any time by clicking the pertinent button in the footer on my website.

I am working on having a banner across the top of my site to indicate that the site uses cookies. At the moment, I have a stand-in banner at the bottom of the footer. That will be replaced soon.

Bottom line? You can just relax, and continue to read my blog posts through your subscription if you so choose, or unsubscribe if you so choose. (My feelings will not be hurt if you unsubscribe. There are only so many blog post reading hours in a day.)

Thank you for your patience. I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives. (This post will be repeated on my other sites, as well.)


Note: You’ll soon be seeing changes to my website. I’ve decided to simplify the appearance of my site. You’ll still receive the same sort of blog content in the same way.

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