It’s Still Halloween — or at least, Halloweensie!

pumpkinYou may have thought that Halloween was over. Well, the part about dressing up and getting treats is finished for this year (unless you’re lucky and have leftovers), BUT Halloween isn’t over until HALLOWEENSIE is over!

Halloweensie? That is Susanna Leonard Hill’s fantabulous and astoundingly popular Halloween story contest. It’s Halloweensie because the stories are for kids, and the stories are weensie — 100 words or fewer. Definitely SHORT stories!

There have been (are you ready for this?) ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO entries this year. Yes, you read that correctly. 132 people wrote Halloween stories, 100 words or fewer, prose or poem, including the words creak, broomstick, and pumpkin (there are always key words that MUST be included in the story).

Susanna and her helpers have spent the weekend whittling down the list of 132 (!) (I just can’t get over that number) to a manageable list of finalists, and now it’s time to vote on the finalists. Voting is open to anyone, so get on over to Susanna’s, read the finalists’ stories, and choose your favorite. There are amazing prizes, which are listed at the original contest post, and there is amazing talent in evidence in all those stories.


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